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10mm thick Premium XPS Insulation Sheet - select your exact quantity

Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation sheets are suitable for use with under tile mats, loose cables & under wood heating systems

Floorheatpro Premium XPS sheets are German made exclusively by JACKON Insulation - Bulk Discount

10mm thick Premium XPS Insulation Sheet - select your exact quantity
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Quick look:
  • Perfect for concrete substrate
  • Very high tensile & compression strength - greater than similar XPS products on the market
  • Excellent Thermal properties
  • Easy to cut and shape, simple to install
  • Suitable for under tile mats, under wood mats and loose cable systems
  • German engineered & manufactured exclusively by JACKON Insulation
  • Approved by installers
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5 - 13 sheets £5.90 to £4.08 per sheet
14 - 39 sheets £3.99 per sheet
40 - 50 sheets £3.99 per sheet
51 - 60 sheets £3.99 per sheet
61 - 70 sheets £3.99 per sheet
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  • Premium XPS insulation

    FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation (6mm or 10mm thick)

    If you have a sub-floor with no height issues, 6mm thick FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation is the most economical solution for a low profile thermal barrier which can be applied to the sub-floor, prior to installing your under tile heating system. In order to achieve the performance needed it is not necessary to install thicker layers of insulation, or boards with a cement finish at additional cost.

    Should the floor level (height) require increasing by more, or levelling, this can be achieved by laying a screed before applying the 6mm layer of FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation. Please consult your builder or project co-ordinator.

    FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation sheet has a high compression strength and thermal conductivity in accordance with BS EN 13164 which is equal to construction boards with a cement finish, and is a fraction of the cost. This is a real cost benefit on any project, and our experience and feedback from installers has been 100% positive over a period of 5 years.

    Floorheatpro Premium XPS insulation board will give you the benefit of a thermal barrier without compromising the quality and finish of the levelling compound, tile adhesives and grouts used in the tile installation.

    FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation enhances the performance of the underfloor heating by maximising temperature response when heat is needed. This is exactly what your underfloor heating system requires for the most economical operation.

    FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation is placed directly under tile heating system (mats or cables) to ensure most of the heat will be directed upwards rather than partially absorbed by the sub-floor during initial heat up, and is particularly beneficial on concrete floors. It is not suitable for direct installation onto wooden floor boards but can be installed direct onto reinforced chipboard or plywood sub-floors. All floors should be level.

    FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation is not a mandatory requirement, but installed directly under your underfloor heating and tiled floor, it reduces heat up time, increases system efficiency and saves running costs. Due to its positioning in the floor it provides a thermal barrier to benefit your underfloor heating system which is not dependent on the amount of insulation installed under the sub-floor screed.

    Tilebacker cement finished construction boards are used to strengthen a floor as well as insulating the floor. However, when you are tiling on a concrete floor the floor is already rigid and firm so the most economical thermal barrier is always with FloorheatPro Premium XPS insulation.

    How to calculate how many insulating boards you need!

    Floorheatpro cement finished tilebacker boards each measure 1200mm x 600mm and each board covers an area of 0.72m². For example 10 boards = 7.2m² of insulation board.

    When estimating the number of boards required it is always a good idea to add 5% to 10% more than the floor area you want to cover in order to allow for wastage when cutting the boards.

    The insulation board must always cover all of the free floor area available in the room and not just the area covered by the actual heating.

    Bathrooms and kitchens have permanent footprints such as showers, units, islands, baths and toilets, so it is important to decide at this stage whether the insulation will also need to go under these permanent fittings and if so allow for the extra coverage in your calculation.

    Area Coverage (m2) Number of boards
    1 2
    2 4
    3 5
    4 7
    5 8
    6 9
    7 11
    8 13
    9 14
    10 16
    11 18
    12 18
    13 20
    14 21
    15 23
    16 25
    17 26
    18 28
    19 29
  • FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation sheets installation guide

    FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation sheets are available in 6mm and 10mm thickness and a sheet measures 1200mm long x 600mm wide.

    The XPS sheets are easily cut with a sharp knife.

    Each board covers a floor area of 0.72m².

    Do Not: Use ready mixed or solvent based adhesives.

    Do: Layout and fix FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation onto the floor in a staggered brickwork pattern.

    UNDER TILE HEATING SYSTEMS (mats or loose cable)

    Do Not: Install FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation directly onto wooden floorboards.

    Do Not: Use solvent based or ready mixed adhesive products.

    Concrete & Screeded Floors - When using with under tile heating systems (mats or loose cable), ensure the FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation is bonded to a clean dry floor surface after initially priming the floor with a suitable primer such as QUICKHEAT or RF-PRIMER.

    Bond the FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation to the floor with a good quality Rapid Set Flexible floor tile adhesive. Apply the adhesive with a notched comb and using a straight edge make sure the insulation sheets are bedded into the adhesive.

    Apply a two part flexible self levelling compound to embed the heating system prior to tiling, or alternatively, it is possible to tile directly over the FLOORHEATPRO Premium XPS insulation and heating system. Ensure that all the heating elements are fully embedded within the tile adhesive.

    Use a Rapid Set Flexible tile adhesive for your tile installation such as Bond-It Flexible Rapid-Flex.

    UNDER WOOD HEATING SYSTEMS (foil heating mats)

    Ensure the sub-floor is level and firm. The sub-floor should be clean and dry.

    To avoid damage to the foil heating mats remove nails, screws and any other obstructions that may be protruding from the sub-floor 

    RFLAM foil underfloor heating systems are installed directly under laminate or engineered wooden floors. RF-PURPLE 6mm thick Premium XPS Insulation Board must be applied loose to the sub-floor before the underfloor heating. It is not necessary to fix the boards to the sub-floor. 

    Align the boards in a brick pattern to cover the whole floor area. Tape the edges to prevent movement of the XPS underlay during installation. The boards can be easily cut to shape with a sharp knife in order to fit snugly into the shape of the room.

    It is a requirement of the 17th Edition Part P wiring regulations to place a diagram next to your power distribution board stating where the underfloor heating is installed.

    To install the thermostat floor probe run the probe sensor wire inside the black conduit until it just appears at the end of the conduit. Cut a channel in the 6mm XPS insulation board and tape the sensor into the channel directly under the heating mat, ensuring the sensor runs centrally between two heating wires. It may be necessary to channel into the sub-floor so that the conduit is level with the XPS.

    The sensor wire should NOT cross over the foil heater wires

  • Floorheatpro Premium XPS Insulation Sheet (STYROFOAM)

    The process of extruding foamed polystyrene results in a material with uniformly small, closed cells, a smooth ‘skin’ and an unrivalled set of properties which make it the choice of specifiers in a wide range of demanding insulation applications

    Low thermal conductivity – minimising the board thickness needed to achieve a specific U-value, thus allowing the designer greater flexibility

    High compressive strength – in load bearing applications, the closed cell structure gives the foam great rigidity and makes it highly resistant to compression

    Low water absorption – STYROFOAM has natural resistance to rain, snow, frost and water vapour which makes it an exceptionally stable material, which retains its initial insulation performance and physical integrity in exposed conditions over the very long term. It was this unusual property that made the inverted warm flat roof concept possible, an idea pioneered by Dow

    User-friendliness – STYROFOAM is easily worked with normal hand tools

    Hygiene – STYROFOAM sheets have low susceptibility to rot, meaning mould or fungal growth is minimised. They are clean, odourless and free from irritating dust.

    Download / Read our full PDF specifaction & product guide

    Below is a link to our full specifaction guide, please click the link and it will open in a new tab to allow you to download or read online.

    Specifaction PDF guide
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    Delivery of the Goods shall be made to the Buyer's address specified in the order and the Buyer shall make all the arrangements necessary to take delivery of the Goods whenever they are tendered for delivery.

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    Title and risk in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery of the Goods.

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