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150 watts/m² standard undertile Heating Mats - 20m²

150 watts/m² standard undertile Heating Mats - 20m²
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Estimated Running Cost - £15 per m² per year. Read more
Total Wattage 3000w
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All our heating mats, cables and thermostats include a Lifetime Guarantee for your peace of mind. Read more

    150 watts/m² standard undertile Heating Mats - 20m²

    Suitable for use on any sub – floor and in any room, including conservatories, kitchens and Bathrooms.

    Standard electric underwood heating mat.

    Dual / twin conductor heating mat.

    Supplied on a roll 500mm wide.

    Ultra thin profile (can be tiled straight over).

    Full installation instructions included.

    Lifetime Guarantee.

    CE approved.

    To improve the heat up times and overall efficiency of your underfloor heating mat, we recommend installing a layer of insulation to the sub floor prior to laying the heating.
    View our insulation products

    Please note that mats up to 12m² will be supplied as one mat. Anything above will be supplied as two mats. When two mats are supplied these should be wired in parallel.

    What's included in the kit
    Heating mat(s)
  • Floorheatpro underfloor heating kit installation guide Floor preparation
    Download our full underfloor heating system installation guide here.

    Wooden Subfloors - timber floorboards. Make sure any loose boards are firmly fixed and reinforce the floor to prevent any movement in the floor that could cause tiles to crack. The floor should be level.

    Chipboard or MDF floors should be made rigid and adequately weatherproofed to make them water resistant. These materials can absorb moisture causing swelling with the potential of damaged tiles.

    Concrete Subfloors - Before proceeding with your installation repair any imperfections in the floor and level the floor with approved building materials.

    Floor Priming - Always prime subfloors with a suitable primer or thermal primer such as QUICKHEAT to improve bonding between tile adhesives and the substrate. The primers are used to prepare and stabilise porous surfaces prior to tiling and/or fitting insulation board, and to improve adhesion with the substrate, such as concrete and timber. Priming and sealing the subfloor allows tile adhesives and levellers to cure/dry in accordance with the manufacturers specification.

    Floor Insulation or Thermal Barrier - On concrete floors and depending on floor height restrictions, always attempt to install a thermal barrier of floor insulation directly under the heating to gain maximum efficiency.

    Wooden & Concrete Subfloors - Clean the floor surface so that it is free from dust, dirt, grease etc.

    Asphalt or Bitumen Subfloors - If your existing floor has a bitumen or asphalt surface it must either be removed or covered with a 3mm layer of self levelling compound or insulation board. In the case of heating laminate or engineered wooden floors the asphalt floor should be covered with LAMFOAM.

    Plan the installation

    Plan the installation. Draw a general view of the room and mark the area which will be covered with heating. Avoid heating under units and sanitary ware as this can cause heat blockage and it is unnecessary to heat these areas anyway.

    It is important you do not select a mat or cable that is too large for your room. The heating element cannot be cut therefore always select a mat or cable size that is 10% less than the floor area you are heating. To calculate the correct size use the “How To Measure” guide on this website.

    The maximum single mat size is 12m² so for many installations two or more mats will be required. These are connected in parallel. Parallel connection means all the “live” wires, “neutral” wires and “earth” wires are connected together.


    Important: Before and during installation check the resistance reading for continuity and the insulation resistance. The installer should complete a commissioning sheet and record the test results. The commissioning sheet will validate your Lifetime Guarantee when submitted.

    Test results must be recorded before installing, immediately after installing (before tiling) and before putting the heating into operation.

    Consult a qualified electrician We recommend you consult with a qualified electrician, especially for the mains wiring and testing of the system.

    Mat layout & fixing

    The heated floor area must be free, avoid heating under kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware and appliances. Planning is important and to estimate the mat size we recommend you use the FLOORHEATPRO measuring guide on-line.

    Make sure the mat system will fit the floor area to be heated. It is better to have just too little than too much over. Remember, NEVER cut the heating element. Cut only the element carrier, and turn / flip the mat to meet your requirements as shown in the small illustrations below.

    The position for the thermostat should have been decided at the initial planning stage.

    Check that the cold connection lead wire for the mat(s) will reach the connection – this is the connection with the junction box (depending on the number of mats), or direct to the thermostat. If it does not, extend by removing some of the heating element from the carrier and fix the heating element to the floor with fixing tape.

    Arrange the mat on the floor, roll out and make the appropriate cuts at walls and flip overs etc. Do not remove the two sided adhesive tape until you have planned which way you intend to lay the mat. Once the mat installation has been planned remove the two sided tape and stick to the subfloor pushing lightly to ensure good adhesion. It helps to walk on the mat in stocking feet. It is also acceptable to use fixing tape to help fix the mat.

    The FLOORHEATPRO under tile heating mat system is installed with the heating elements facing downwards on the underside of the fibreglass mesh carrier. Because the elements are on the underside of the glass fibre mesh they are shielded from sharp trowels and possible damage.

    Example layout

    Typical Layout of the FLOORHEATPRO Under tile Heating Mat System

    Reminders Do's

    Do – Read the instructions before commencing installation and consult a qualified electrician.

    Do – Consult our free helpline if you are unsure how to proceed.

    Do – Ensure the system is tested before, during and after installation. Always check the mat or cable is working before commencing tiling.

    Do – Use approved adhesives and floor screeds.

    Do – Prime & seal the subfloor.

    Do – Plan your mat or cable layout so that any drilling after tiling will not damage the wiring.

    Do – Maintain a minimum gap between loose wire runs of 50mm (2").

    Do – Make sure the heating is connected to an RCD rated 30mA maximum.

    Do – Make sure the black joint between the blue heating element and the black cold connection lead wire is totally encapsulated in compound/adhesive in the floor beneath the tiles.

    Do – Be careful not to damage or dislodge cable during tiling.

    Do – Read the separate installation and operating instructions for the thermostat.

    Do – Keep a record of where the floor probe is positioned and the general layout of the heating mat or cable for future reference.

    Reminders Don'ts

    Don't – Overload circuits – consult your Electrician.

    Don't – Cut or shorten the heating element at any time.

    Don't – Run the cold connection lead inside the same conduit as the thermostat sensor cable.

    Don't – Cross or touch heating elements.

    Don't – Cut or prepare tiles on top of the mat.

    Don't – Allow excessive traffic over the heating elements before tiling.

    Don't – Energise the heating mat or cable while it is still rolled up or on the cable reel.

    Don't – Place cable runs closer than 50mm from any conductive parts of the property such as water pipes.

    Don't – Switch on the installed mat or cable until 8 days after fitting to allow the tile adhesive to dry.

    Don't – Connect two mats in series, only connect mats in parallel.

    Don't – Leave surplus mat or cable rolled up under units or fixtures – always use the right size.

    Don't – Run the floor sensor or power lead over or under the heating element.

    Don't – Commence installation on a concrete floor that has not been fully cured.

  • Undertile heating kit specification

    Floorheatpro heating cables comply with the IEE 17th Edition Electrical Regulations and Part P of the Building Regulations. Floorheatpro mat heating systems are durable and suitable for use by both the professional installer and DIY enthusiast. The heating cable employs a dual core heating element design, with only one power lead at one end to simplify connection to the thermostat / electrical supply.

    Low profile, uniform spacing & evenly distributed heat - Heating cables are thin to provide a low profile in the floor. The undertile heating mat carries the heating cable on a 500mm wide strong fibreglass mesh. The heating cable is fixed onto the mesh with uniform spacing to give evenly distributed heat. Installations can be completed in only a few hours due to the ease of rolling out the matting side by side. The installation instructions describe this simple procedure. User friendly instructions are supplied with all our heating systems and these ensure the installer has the information required to complete a satisfactory installation compliant with the Regulations.

    Approvals, Guarantee and Safety - Floorheatpro systems are CE approved and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. All our heating cables meet the stringent quality test requirements specified by major markets like the United Kingdom, EU and North America. Production has been certified to ISO 9000 for more than 20 years.

    Floorheatpro heating cables are Certified by Intertek SEMKO against the requirements of IEC / EN 60335 standards.

    Product approvals include: SEMKO (Sweden), Underwriter Laboratories - UL (USA) and FIMKO (Finland).

    These approvals are acknowledgement of the history and worldwide track record of your Floorheatpro underfloor heating product.

    Large Selection of Sizes - Mats are available in outputs of 150 and 200 watts per square metre and a large range of sizes allows you to select the ideal underfloor heating system, whatever the shape or dimensions of your room.

    Design & Installation Flexibility - The largest single mat size is 12m2 but in larger areas you can combine more than one mat to cover the floor area to be heated. Each mat comes with a 3 metre long cold connection lead wire, and when multiple circuits are needed the cold lead wires are connected electrically in parallel. The cold power connection lead is 100% steel armoured for mechanical and electrical safety and is 3 metres long. The length of the connection lead is important, as it helps the installer, adding extra design flexibility when laying the mat out on the floor and connecting with the electrical supply. Our undertile mats can be cut and turned with ease to run in strips side by side. Follow the instructions - never cut the heating cable.

  • What will it cost me ?

    Items ordered before 2pm on any working day (Monday to Friday) excluding Bank Holidays will be delivered to UK mainland addresses next working day (excluding Saturday, anytime up to 5pm to the delivery address given. Special deliveries such as before noon or 10am etc will be charged extra and arrive by the designated time next working day (Monday to Friday) excluding Bank Holidays. Saturday deliveries will be made on a Saturday morning at an extra charge.

    Next working day
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    Our inclusive free delivery excludes special deliveries as above and also the Channel Islands & Eire. Delivery to the Channel Islands and Eire can be arranged at agreed rates.

    Friday orders taken before 2pm will be delivered the following Monday (excluding Bank Holidays), unless the option to deliver Saturday AM has been selected.

    We use the services of reputable couriers and always endevour to deliver by the appointed time on the appointed day. Unfortunately, the couriers on rare occasions fail to deliver on the appointed day or time. This is a rare occurence but because it does happen occasionally, the Seller cannot be held responsible for the late delivery of the Goods, and any costs incurred by the Buyer and tradesmen unable to work. We advise the Buyer to ensure receipt of the Goods before scheduling the work for any trades associated with the Goods.

    Delivery of the Goods shall be made to the Buyer's address specified in the order and the Buyer shall make all the arrangements necessary to take delivery of the Goods whenever they are tendered for delivery.

    Pallet orders are delivered within 2 to 3 days.

    The Buyer agrees that Proof of Delivery provided to the Seller by the courier is sufficient evidence to establish that the Goods have been received by the Seller.

    Deliveries must be signed for as proof of receipt unless, (before the Goods are despatched), the Buyer has given written permission for the Goods to be left without a signature - this written permission removes the liability for the Goods from the courier or Floorheatpro after delivery of the Goods.

    Title and risk in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery of the Goods.

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