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How to measure up for your underfloor heating system

Measuring up for your underfloor heating system is very straight forward, all you need to do is follow our 3 step guide below and it will calculate the required coverage you will need for any of our underfloor heating mat systems.

  • Step 1 Measuring the size of your room
  • Step 2 Measuring all areas which will be unheated
  • Step 3 Calculating the total heated area required

Step 1: Measuring the size of your room

Measure the length and width of your room. In the bathroom example below the length is 4m by a width of 2m giving a total of 8m². Add the room length and width into our calculator on the right and we will do all the calculations for you.

Room dimensions

Once you have entered your length and width scroll down to step 2

Step 2: Measuring all areas which will be unheated.

It is not necessary to heat under any permanent footprints such as a bath, shower, toilet etc, so the calculation on the right allows you to add as many permanent footprints as required and then displays the total area of the footprints. Add the length and width of each item into our calculator and we will do all the calculations for you. In a kitchen the same will apply to a kitchen island and fitted units.

Permanent footprint

Footprint one (example: Bath)

Once you have entered all your permanent footprints scroll down to step 3

Step 3: Calculating the total heated area required

Add the total room size (m²) and the total permanent footprint size (m²) into the calculator on the right and this calculates the total heating area available. To allow for fitting this area must be reduced by 10%. It is better to be smaller rather than too large because the heating cable cannot be cut or shortened. To calculate floor insulation when it is required please refer to the insulation Category on-line.

Total heated area

We recommend 10% less than the above total heating area calculation to allow for fitting. We have calculated this for you below.

You require 0/m² of actual underfloor heating, When buying our products it is important to round this figure DOWN to the nearest m² available.

You can download a measuring guide to use at your convenience.

More information on how to measure for your underfloor heating system.

Keeping your family warm in the winter has never been more important, and with so many options at your disposal – there’s really no reason why you couldn’t ensure that your home is warm all winter long! In the battle to stay warm, there’s one technique that is becoming more and more popular within houses of all shapes and sizes – and that’s electric underfloor heating.

Not only can installing underfloor heating help to promote a warmer living environment – it’s also incredibly cost effective when compared to other heating methods. Underfloor heating provides heat through the process of radiant heating. Under engineered wood, laminate flooring or tiles, electrical underfloor heating systems will help to distribute heat more evenly around your home, and combined with the various methods of insulation in your property electric underfloor heating is extremely economical.

Underfloor Heating Installation Considerations

Before undertaking any heating installation, it’s a good idea to properly calculate your underfloor heating requirements. It’s easy to measure from wall to wall and hope for the best when it comes to setting your heating up – but there are several elements to consider beforehand. If you’re keen to learn how to measure for underfloor heating then you’re on the right page.

There are several different types of underfloor heating that you can choose from – all of which serve the same purpose. If you know how to measure for an underfloor heating mat then you’ll appreciate that there are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind before the installation process is able to begin.

If your chosen room possesses what are referred to as ‘permanent footprints’ (consider bathtubs, sinks, kitchen islands, units and other permanent fittings), then you’ll want to take these into account – as explained in our step by step guide. Not all fittings will be temporarily movable, nor are they all suitable for underfloor heating – and that’s why it’s important to consider them when measuring your room.

Calculating Underfloor Heating Needs

The easiest way to ensure that the right measurements are taken, is by first calculating the entire square metre area of the room itself and then measuring the permanent footprints. Next take the total floor area of the room and subtract the difference taken up by the permanent footprints. It’s unlikely that any two rooms will be the exact same size and shape – and this becomes even less likely when considering the permanent footprints that the room might possess.

Therefore it’s not always possible to simply measure a room in order to apply heating mats under the entire surface – even if the room is currently empty and awaiting decoration. This is because of the tendency for specific items to be added to the room at a later date which is especially the case with bathrooms and kitchens.

Once you’ve calculated the overall size and space within your room, you’ll want to make a few minor adjustments to ensure that your heating installation is able to proceed without a hitch. Knowing how to calculate underfloor heating requirements is one thing – and a commonly overlooked consideration is where the heating will be aligned as far as the edges of your room are concerned.

To arrive at the correct size of mat we recommend removing 10% from your calculated heating area – just to allow for the proper fitting. Placing heated mats right up to the edge of a room is unnecessary. The figure obtained from this calculation should be rounded down to the next whole number or size.

For a comprehensive guide on the most effective way to measure for underfloor heating, take a look at our step by step guide, or simply enter your measurements into our automatic calculator and we’ll let you know how much underfloor heating your room will require.

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